Turn On Two-Factor for Weblogin

Turn on two-factor for Weblogin to protect your personal information: direct deposit information and W-2s in Wolverine Access, as well as your information in Google at U-M, Box at U-M, Canvas, and more.

How to Turn It On

Instructions: How to Turn On and Use Two-Factor for Weblogin documentation.

You can turn on two-factor for Weblogin at UMICH Account Management - Two-Factor for Weblogin.

What to Expect When You Turn It On

  • You will be prompted to use two-factor authentication (Duo) when you log in via the Weblogin page with your uniqname and UMICH (Level-1) password. Check the Remember me box to make your Duo authentication last for 7 days (See the instructions).
  • This will apply to all services you access via the Weblogin page (see Services and Systems Covered by Two-Factor for Weblogin). You cannot choose to use it for some services and not others.
  • You will not be prompted for two-factor when using the same services via apps, such as the Google Mail app on your smartphone and other mobile devices.
  • Tips and best practices will help you prepare to use two-factor.
  • Duo collects the minimum amount of information needed to provide the authentication service (Duo Privacy Policy).

Turn on Two-Factor for Your Personal Accounts Too

Many popular services and websites, including Facebook and Snapchat, offer two-factor authentication. Turn it on to protect your personal information and accounts. See Two Factor Auth (2FA) for a list of websites and services and whether or not they offer two-factor protection. Websites that work with an authenticator app can use the Duo Mobile app.