Safely Use the Cloud

Protecting university data in the cloud, on both U-M hosted and third-party vendor services, is increasingly critical, as the implementation and adoption of these services expands at the unit level, and across campuses.

Cloud computing should not be used for university information that is private, personal, sensitive, or regulated, unless there is a contractual agreement between U-M and the service provider that protects the security and confidentiality of the information and data. A contractual agreement is a formal contract that would typically be reviewed by the Office of General Counsel. For guidance regarding storage of sensitive data on current U-M cloud computing services, consult the Sensitive Data Guide.

Cloud-based services used at U-M include U-M Box, U-M Google, MiDatabase, MiServer, and more.

IA consultation available. Faculty, staff, researchers, and departments can consult with Information Assurance (IA) staff when considering adopting cloud computing services and/or infrastructure. To begin the process, contact the ITS Service Center.