Dissonance Event Series

Dissonance U-M Speaker Series

Technology, law, privacy, and security are inextricably linked. Each area is intertwined with the way that government and commerce take place. This holds true for higher education, where these subjects underpin and enable how universities, including the University of Michigan, fulfill their teaching, learning, research, and clinical mission. The Dissonance event series explores these topics from a global and national perspective, and in doing so increases university-wide multidisciplinary discourse, and supports university initiatives related to data science.

The Dissonance event series is a collaboration of faculty, staff, and students from several supporting organizations across the university. If you would like to be informed of future Dissonance events, please add your name to our email list. You are also invited to suggest a topic or a speaker for future Dissonance events.

Most Recent Event: The Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Genetics and Newborn Screening

Held September 25, 2017.

Advances in prenatal screening and genetic manipulation may have the potential to all but eliminate birth defects and genetic disorders. For example, prenatal genetic testing in Iceland has almost completely erased incidents of down’s syndrome in newborns. This has led to growing concerns over creating “designer babies,” hyperbole about the potential for a new era of eugenics, and broader questions about whether science is outstripping societal and ethical norms in regards to human genetic diversity.


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