Tax Fraud Prevention Tips

Identity thieves can file tax returns in your name and steal your tax refund. They may try to get your identity information through emails claiming false problems with your return or tax documents. Follow these tips to protect yourself.

  • Turn on two-factor authentication for WebloginAdd extra security for Wolverine Access (including your W-2), U-M Google, and other U-M web sites and tools. Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security, keeping your account secure even if your password is compromised.
  • File your taxes as soon as possible. This allows criminals less time to file under your name and will get you your tax refund (if you are eligible for one) faster.
  • Be suspicious of ads for tax filing services that promise you large or expedited tax refunds. These are often scams to steal your personal information.

See Beware of Tax Fraud for more tips, as well as links to resources from the IRS.