Manage Your Workstation

Whether you use only your university-owned devices or also personally-owned devices for work, you must maintain their level of security to protect university data and networks.

University-Owned Devices

There are four primary models for management of computing devices owned by U-M that are used by faculty and staff:

  • MiWorkspace
    MiWorkspace is a shared service offered by ITS that supports a comprehensive suite of desktop services for the staff in subscribing units. MiWorkspace support staff are primarily responsible for the maintenance and security safeguards of MiWorkspace computers.
  • Departmentally Provided Devices
    Departments that do not subscribe to MiWorkspace provide computing devices to their faculty and staff. Departmental IT staff are primarily responsible for the maintenance and security standards of departmentally owned devices.
  • Michigan Medicine
    Health Information Technology & Services provides devices to Michigan Medicine faculty and staff and is primarily responsible for the maintenance and security standards of those devices.
  • Grant Purchased Devices
    Faculty and researchers frequently purchase computers and other devices from funds drawn from a research grant or other external funding. Sometimes departmental IT staff manage these devices, but frequently they are self-managed. Faculty and researchers (including graduate students working with them) who self-manage these devices should follow the guidance for properly securing personally owned devices.

All university computing devices must meet a basic level of security to protect the integrity of university data and networks. University computers and devices must be actively maintained on an ongoing basis so that they protect the data stored or accessed through them and meet university compliance requirements and pertinent external regulations. All U-M-owned devices must be sanitized following the procedures outlined in Erasing U-M-Owned Devices before transfer or disposal. 

Personally-Owned Devices

If you use any personally-owned devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) to do work, see Secure Your Devices for instructions on securing these devices.