Be Aware

There are several threats and areas to watch for in today's computing environment:

  • Compromised Accounts
    If others, even those you think are friends, learn your UMICH password, they can steal your identity, lock you out of your account and more.
  • Copyright Compliance
    Intellectual property is guarded very carefully by some, and failing to heed copyright can subject you to expensive lawsuits.
  • Identity Theft
    A growing crime, the theft of your personal information to commit fraud can wreak financial and reputation havoc.
  • Phishing & Suspicious Email
    Some fake emails can look surprisingly real and could trick you into replying with personal info or money.
  • Privacy
    In the very public Internet, guarding your privacy is your responsibility.
  • Scams
    Criminals employ many methods to deceive people out of money and information.
  • Viruses
    Keep your computer free of viruses.