Google at U-M Core Services

Key: Permission Levels

  • Permitted
  • Permitted with Information Assurance (IA) Consultation
  • Not Permitted

For IA consultation, please contact the ITS Service Center

You are responsible for ensuring that your use of this service complies with laws, regulations, and policies where applicable. See Compliance below for details.


Not Permitted

Service Description 

Google at U-M Core Services are the Google services provided to eligible members of the university community that are covered by the university’s Google Apps for Education agreement.


In general, Google at U-M Core Services may not be used with sensitive university data. While Google at U-M Core Services are secure, they do not comply with some specific regulatory and U-M policy requirements for certain types of sensitive regulated data.

The exception to this is that you may use Google at U-M Core Services for Student Education Records (regulated by FERPA). Careful use of this data, in accordance with university policies and FERPA regulations, allows Google at U-M Core services to be used by the students in, and instructors for, a class.

Some Google at U-M Core Services are permitted for use with additional sensitive data types. See these Sensitive Data Guide entries for details: