Google Sites, Talk/Hangouts, Groups, Tasks, Classroom at U-M

Description of Service: 

These are all Google at U-M Core Services that are provided to eligible members of the university community.

  • Sites is a website creation application.
  • Talk/Hangouts provide chat and online video/audio meetings.
  • Tasks is an application that lets people manage a to-do list within their Google Calendar.
  • Google Groups are groups of people with whom you can share Google resources. Groups created and maintained in the MCommunity Directory are synchronized to Google at U-M to facilitate resource sharing among members of the university community. Membership of these groups is not visible in Google at U-M. If, however, you create a group using Google Groups, be aware that you are doing so outside the Google at U-M space; the group is outside of Google at U-M and is in Google's public service rather than in the service that U-M is contracting for.
  • Classroom is a tool that lets instructors create and organize assignments, provide feedback, and communicate with students. Sign up at using your Google at U-M account.
Description of Compliance: 

These are Google Core Services covered by the university’s Google Apps for Education agreement. In general, they may not be used for sensitive regulated data. The exception to this is Student Educational Records (regulated by FERPA), which is permitted. Careful use of this data, in accordance with university policies and FERPA regulations, allows these Google at U-M services to be used by the students in, and instructors for, a class.

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