Google Additional Services (Non-Core)

Service Description 

The Google Additional Services (Non-Core) are those outside the Google at U-M Core Services. The Non-Core services are not covered by the university's Google Apps for Education agreement with Google. The Non-Core services include Google+, Blogger, Picasa, and YouTube, among many others. Google extensions and add-ons are also Non-Core. Any Google service not specifically identified in the list of Core Services protected by U-M's contract with Google at U-M Google Features & Benefits as a Core Service is considered Non-Core.


Google Additional (Non-Core) Services may not be used to share or maintain any of the university’s sensitive data because these services are not covered by the university’s Google Apps for Education agreement.

When members of the university community use one of these services for the first time, they are required to agree to the Google standard terms of service and privacy policy in order to use the service.