Key: Permission Levels

  • Permitted
  • Permitted with Information Assurance (IA) Consultation
  • Not Permitted

For IA consultation, please contact the ITS Service Center

You are responsible for ensuring that your use of this service complies with laws, regulations, and policies where applicable. See Compliance below for details.


Not Permitted

Service Description 

eResearch consists of technologies and tools that support the business services used to manage the university’s research enterprise. Services are provided using a vendor-licensed software platform that is heavily configured to the specific needs of U-M.
The four components of eResearch are:

  • Regulatory Management
  • Proposal Management
  • Animal Management
  • Conflict of Interest Management


While eResearch provides a secure and compliant environment for a number of types of sensitive institutional data, users should only place the following types of data into the system:

  • Applications for new research projects involving human subjects, as well as amendments and renewals for those projects. This should not include data related to the study.
  • Adverse event information for studies involving human subjects. This should not include data about the individuals impacted by the adverse event.
  • Registrations and renewals for labs conducting recombinant DNA research.
  • Proposals for any type of external research funding (e.g., grants, contracts).
  • Information pertaining to nonfinancial, or unfunded agreements related to research.
  • Information related to the tracking of outgoing subcontracts from U-M.
  • Applications (protocols) for new research projects involving animals, as well as amendments to those projects.
  • Information related to the care and use of laboratory animals.
  • Research team members’ disclosures of outside interests/commitments and any associated plans to manage potential conflicts of interest.

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