Privacy Matters

Privacy Matters
Private Personal Information: Protect It!

You've heard the drill: Identity theft
is big business and it's scary

It only takes a few details about an individual for a criminal to steal an identity—information that U-M faculty and staff compile, store and access regularly. Privacy Matters is a campaign designed by the IT security experts at U-M to help educate faculty and staff about what constitutes private personal data and how to properly handle and dispose of it.
Become part of the safety solution at U-M by familiarizing yourself with the life-cycle of properly handled data at U-M:

Protect IT: What kind of information is personal and private?
Secure IT: How do you handle the info you are working with?
Delete IT: How do you properly dispose of electronic data?
Shred IT: How do you properly dispose of paper data?
Destroy IT: What about data stored on hardware?

Private Personal Information. Protect It!
Working With It? Secure It!
Don't Need It? Delete It!
Already Read It? Shred It!
Done with It? Destroy It!