Your Internet Access Has Been Disabled
by the University of Michigan

Reason: Your Computer Is Infected With Marketscore Spyware

You must remove Marketscore to access UM Web resources from the computer you are now using.

UM has detected that your computer is infected with Marketscore spyware. Marketscore reroutes all your Internet activity through Marketscore's servers, which makes Marketscore a serious security threat to UM data and the personal data of anyone using a computer with Marketscore on it. Marketscore tracks all Internet activity and collects all data entered or received, even secure, encrypted (https) data, such as your user names and passwords, your banking and credit card information, and student or human resource information that you access for your personal use or to do your job at UM.

To protect UM data and the personal data of UM students, faculty, and staff, UM is blocking Internet access on all computers that have Marketscore software installed. This action disrupts Internet activity on these computers as follows:

  • Computers that try to connect to the Internet through a UM network will not have access to any Internet resources (including the links on this page).
  • Computers that connect to the Internet through another network provider will not have access to any UM Internet resources.

Actions You Should Take

UM students, faculty, or staff members can take the following actions to remove Marketscore from their computers:

  • Perform the steps in the next section, "How to Remove Marketscore," if you want to remove the Marketscore spyware yourself.
  • Contact your department's system administrator, computer support staff, or help desk if you want assistance with removing the Marketscore spyware from your computer.
  • Contact 4-HELP, the Help Desk operated by ITS by calling 734-764-HELP if your department doesn't provide support and you want assistance with removing the Marketscore spyware from your computer.
  • Go to another computer and access the following Web page to learn more about Marketscore and how to remove it from your computer.

How to Remove Marketscore

Use one of the following methods to remove Marketscore if it is already installed on your computer:

  • Follow these steps to use Windows 'Add or Remove Programs,' to remove Marketscore:
    1. Click Start, select Settings, and open the Control Panel.
    2. Double-click Add or Remove Programs.
    3. Locate the Marketscore installation, highlight it, and click Change or Remove.
  • Install Spybot-Search & Destroy software. It can detect and remove Marketscore software.
  • If you have installed McAfee VirusScan version 8, you can go to the McAfee Web site and use the instructions on how to use VirusScan 8 to remove Marketscore.
  • Use the instructions provided by Columbia University to manually remove Marketscore. To obtain these instructions, go to another computer and access the following Web page.

Important! After you remove Marketscore, be sure to:

  • Change all passwords that you use to access services or accounts.
  • Check UM's Identity Web ( to learn how you can protect your identity.
  • Use the safe computing tips on the following Web page to keep Marketscore off your computer:
    These tips are in the section, "How to Keep Marketscore Off Your Computer."