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ITS Safe Computing

Phishing Alert

The following phishing email was received on 05/27/11. If you receive this note, please delete it!

Date: Fri May 27 03:12:17 2011
Subject: Webmail Message Center

Dear Webmail User,

A Computer Database Maintenance is currently going on your Webmail Message Center. Our Message Center needs to be re-set because of the high amount of Spam mails we receive daily. A Quarantine Maintenance will help us prevent this everyday dilemma.

To upgrade your mailbox on this Quarantine Maintenance, Please click on the link below:


Failure to re-validate and upgrade your mailbox via this above will render your e-mail in-active from our database.

Thanks System Administrator.

Note Below: Forward this message to all webmail users in your list to enable them upgrade first time on the new secure webmail upgrade page and update to our new secure version to be highly protected.

Email Adminstrator