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ITS Safe Computing

Phishing Alert

The following phishing email was received on 11/02/10. If you receive this note, please delete it!

From: Morgan, Brian [mailto:brian.morgan@mn.catholic.edu.au]
Subject: Notice!!! Your Account Expires in 24 Hours
Date: Monday, November 01, 2010 6:35 PM

A Computer Database Maintainance is currently going on our Webmail Message Center. Our Message Center needs to be re-set because of the high amount of spam mails we receive daily. A Quarantine Maintainance will help us prevent this everyday dilemma. To revalidate your mailbox Please Click on the link below:


Failure to revalidate your mailbox will render your e-mail in-active from our database.

System Administrator

This email is intended for the named recipients only. It may contain copyright protected, privileged and/or confidential information. Named recipients may only communicate this message to third parties if authorised to do so. If you are not the intended recipient of this communication please delete all copies and kindly notify the sender by reply email or telephone the Catholic Schools Office on (02) 4979 1200.

The views expressed are those of the individual sender, and not necessarily those of the Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, NSW, Australia.