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ITS Safe Computing

Phishing Alert

The following phishing email was received on 08/06/10. If you receive this note, please delete it!

From: "ITS Server Team" <nora@tie.cl>
Subject: Warning...Upgrade Your Email Account Not To Get Deactivated
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2010 15:57:37 -0700

Your E-mail account has been used to send numerous Spam mails recently from a foreign IP,As a result of that , The Email Technical Support has received advice to suspend your account.

However, you might not be the one promoting this Spam, as your email account might have been compromised.

To protect your account from sending spam mails, you are to confirm your true ownership of this account by providing your original USERNAME (*******)and PASSWORD (*******) as a reply to this message for Account upgrade.

Failure to do this will violate the E-mail Terms & Conditions. This will render your email account inactive.

NOTE: You will be sent a password reset message in next 24hours after undergoing this process for security reasons.

Thanks You for your understanding and coperation.

Verification code: pt:6528671/852

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