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ITS Safe Computing

Computer Security 101 Exam Results

Since 2005, Safe Computing has been conducting an annual Computer Security 101 Exam during Cyber Security Awareness Month to promote safe computing practices.   This year, 24 percent University of Michigan students participated!  Among them, several students won prizes including iPod Touches, iPod Minis, laptop pads, and laptop locks.

While there are many computer security tactics that are always relevant, each year there are new threats and new ways of protecting yourself, your computer, and your information.  With the abundance of phishing scams sent out to the U-M community this year, the exam reminded exam-takers that phishing is a fraudulent e-mail designed to trick you into sharing personal information and to always delete “phishy” emails immediately. 

Furthermore, the Computer Security 101 Exam also informed students of the available campus resources offering virus support.  Among these resources are:

  • The Center for Vulnerability Control (CVC), where students can get free guidance as they remove computer viruses from their own computers (University Housing residents only)
  • The U-M Computer Showcase, which offers virus removal services for a fee
  • Consultants at 764-HELP, and
  • Safecomputing.umich.edu for the latest phishing alerts.

Though National Cyber Security Awareness Month is over, staying cyber secure is a year-round challenge.  With phishing lures, online scam artists, laptop snatches, and more, cyberspace can be dangerous if you are not cautious.  There is a lot at risk: your laptop, bank account, months of research, your reputation, future job prospects, even your identity.

Next October these things will still be at risk.  Remember to take next year’s edition of the Computer Security 101 Final Exam to keep the upper hand against these cyber threats, and, of course, for the chance to win some fabulous prizes!