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Digital Copyright Compliance

The University of Michigan encourages all students, faculty and staff to engage in safe and legally compliant sharing of copyrighted materials. The university's copyright compliance plan is supported by the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities and the Proper Use of Information Resources, Information Technology, and Networks at the University of Michigan (SPG 601.07) which "characterizes as unethical and unacceptable" any violation of "third party copyright."

The information provided here is designed to help users understand copyright laws and policies as they apply to the sharing of copyrighted materials at the University of Michigan. It also describes the University's administrative process used to handle cases of alleged infringement, and actions you can take to protect yourself from being involved in potentially illegal activities.

The University of Michigan Library's Copyright Office is the authoritative source for a comprehensive description of copyright law, U-M copyright policy, and resources related to academic and scholarly copyright issues.

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