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ITS Safe Computing

Information & Infrastructure Assurance Council


The university-wide Information & Infrastructure Assurance Council (IIAC) develops IT security policies and standards and has primary responsibility for:

  • Advising U-M executive officers about issues related to the security of information systems or data used by U-M students, faculty, and staff.
  • Ensuring that U-M policies, practices and standards provide safeguards to secure the IT systems and data at U-M.
  • Serving as a governance board for the security direction of Information and Infrastructure Assurance.

Leadership and Partnerships

  • Governance of the IIAC is shared by Michael M.E. Johns, interim executive vice president for medical affairs; Martha Pollack, provost and executive vice president for academic affairs; S. Jack Hu, interim vice president for research, and Douglas L. Strong, interim executive vice president and chief financial officer.
  • Michael Bailey, research associate professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, chairs the IIAC and provides leadership in the development of IT security policy.
  • Sol Bermann, the university's interim chief IT security officer, serves as staff on the Information & Infrastructure Assurance Council.

IIAC works with IIA to maintain a secure IT environment for U-M teaching, learning, research, and administrative activities. The creation of IIAC and IIA resulted from various university units working together through the IT Commons.