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ITS Safe Computing

Fake "Microsoft update" e-mail

A new e-mail scam from "Microsoft Update" is circulating. If you receive something looking like the (partial) message below, please delete it. If you have clicked on the link, please contact your local IT security administrator, IT support person, or call 4-HELP.

Please be aware that these e-mails are an attempt to obtain your personal information; do not reply to them.

E-mail accounts at UM occasionally receive messages that appear to be sent from the University, financial institutions, Internet services or payroll companies requesting the users to update personal information. They may also include a computer virus. Please do not respond to such e-mail requests. You could put your account at risk, or someone could open new accounts with your identity.

For more information from the Federal Trade Commission regarding these types of scams, copy this address into your browser: www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/alerts/alt127.shtm