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What You Need to Know About the Heartbleed Bug

  • What is it? The Heartbleed bug is serious security vulnerability in the software used to secure Internet traffic. It affected websites and servers around the world. U-M's core and critical services are now patched and protected from the Heartbleed bug. See Heartbleed Bug: What Members of the U-M Community Need to Know for more detail.
  • Change your UMICH password. See UMICH Password Change Tips. If you changed your password on or after April 11, you are all set. To minimize disruption, email with this advice will be sent to various U-M groups over a period of several weeks, beginning the week of April 21 and extending through May. If you wish to change your UMICH password before receiving the email notice, please feel free to do so.

Find out how to protect your home computer, your information and your identity against online threats, and what the University of Michigan is doing to protect institutional data and networks.

Help for maintaining the security of your personal computer, and protecting the privacy of your data.
IT policies and guidance on properly securing information assets as well as how the university and federal laws define sensitive data. For the U-M community only.
Information and tracking on the IT Security Program at U-M. Requires MToken.


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